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A low viscosity, optical quality, transparent epoxy resin . Ideal to fill deeper and larger cracks with resin (max 1.25 inch thick), build small/medium projects or river tables up to 1.25 inch thick.

CHILL ICE 1™ is perfect for bubble-free casting after less than 5 to 10 minutes without the use of a torch, which can cause an exothermic imbalance in the casting.

POT LIFE 500 minutes at 22°C/72°F lets you cast several litres of resin in one pour.
CURE TIME ~48-72 hours @ 22°C/72°F setting time depending on volume, casting design, and ambient temperature.

THICKNESS Ideal for pours between 0.5-1.25 inch thick

RATIO Easy mixing ratio of 2A/1B by volume.