Murdoch’s Hard Oil

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Murdoch’s Hard Oil gives a finisher the ability to enhance and protect any wood surface while maintaining a light color or when creating a dry, weathered, hand-rubbed look. It is perfect for bleached wood because it minimizes color uptake required for lightly stained or natural surfaces.

Hard Oil is the best choice when a low sheen is desired but protection and durability of the surface is required such as on floors, walls, cabinets, brick or terra-cotta tile.

Hard Oil can also be used to rejuvenate a previously oil/resin finished surface when you want to retain the aged patina of the original surface without stripping and sanding the wood.

Hard Oil is formulated with our Polymerized Tung Oil and Uralkyd Resin System, keeping the coating flexible yet durable.  Our Loc-Lamin Finishing System guarantees that multiple coats are firmly bonded to each other.  Our botanical solvent, Di-Citrusol gives the finish a pleasant citrus aroma. 

Best Used For: 
Furniture & Built-Ins
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Wood Turning