Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate

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Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate consists of natural citrus extracts, plant-based surfactants and a new micro-emulsion technology.  Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate can be used to make a variety of household and industrial cleaning and degreasing products.

Another Odysseus Cornwall's Outstanding Oils and Waxes Amazing Product!

Naturally Derived, Biodegradable, NON TOXIC, No Phosphates, Nonylphenol, DEA, TEA - NO NASTIES!  Hard water resistant, versatile and reduces the need for expensive multiple products.

The USFDA GRAS Rating inspires confidence in a safe product. 

You can make your own rejuvenating cleaner for objects finished with Odie's using Odie's cleaning concentrate.  To do this, make a mixture that 50% Odie's Oil and 50% Odie's Cleaning Concentrate, then mix 5% of this with 95% water in a spray bottle.  Just spray and wipe.  This will clean, refresh and rejuvenate your finish.

As with all Odie’s Oil Finish Products - Made in USA!

 At this time, Odie's Safer Solvent only ships to locations in the USA via Fedex or UPS Ground delivery. 

 32 oz. glass jar.