Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil

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Sutherland Welles Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil is the perfect choice when creating the finest hand-rubbed finish with the lowest toxicity possible. 

Our unique process of polymerization involves "cooking" raw tung oil, a vegetable oil, to its "maximum thermal threshold". This sophisticated polymerization process develops both the ultimate hand-rubbed sheen and the curing capabilities of our finish without adding varnishes or urethanes. 

Our totally Botanical Polymerized Tung Oil is combined with Di-Citrusol, a botanical solvent, made from citrus derivatives distilled to produce a solvent with the highest purity, lowest toxicity and pleasant citrus aroma. Minimal amounts of low-toxic driers complete the formulation without compromising dry and cure times.

Our Loc-Lamin Finishing System guarantees that multiple coats are firmly bonded to each other providing a durable finish that is easy to maintain and becomes more beautiful with time.

Sutherland Welles captures the ultimate "hand-rubbed" look while meeting the exacting requirements of ethical environmental responsibility.

This product can be used for many different projects. 

Best Used For:
Bar Tops and Food Grade Counters
Interior Ceilings, Beams & Mantels
Floors - Full Instruction Packet
Floors - Using a Buffing Machine
Floors - Hand Wiping
Floors - Maintenance
Floors - Sanding Prep
Floors - Staining
Floors - Steel Wool Pad
Furniture & Built-Ins
Drums -Natural Look
Fifes, Flutes & Recorders
Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles
Gun Stocks
Interior Doors
Porous Stone
Interior Timber Frames
Interior Doors, Walls & Trim
Wood Turning